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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he said their demands were just. he said he would not seek re-election in september. he basically reaffirmed that statement today. here's part of what he had to say about the transfer of power. >> i have delegated the vice president some of the power -- the power of the president, according to the constitution. i am aware, fully aware that egypt will overcome the crisis. and the people will not be affected. >> reporter: president obama spoke about these developments in egypt before mubarak's announcement earlier today. he spoke in marquette, michigan. >> we are following today's events in egypt very closely. and we'll have more to say as this plays out. but i want it absolutely clear that we are witnessing history unfold. it's a moment of transformation that's taking place, because the
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people of egypt are calling for change. >> reporter: mubarak is feeding power to vice president omar suleiman who says he is committed to a peaceful transfer of power. he went on television a short time ago, urging protesters to go home, to go back to work, and not to listen to satellite television and radio. those who are trying to stir up controversy and chaos. now we wait for the reaction of the protesters in the streets who have a big demonstration planned for once again, tomorrow. reporting live from the newsroom, darcy spencer, news4, back to you. thank you, darcy. as the world was waiting to see if mubarak would step down from power, home here at home, from families overseas, will be watching the events very closely over the next few days. our team coverage of the crisis in egypt continues with melissa melai. >> reporter: 22-year-old hanna lives in potomac, maryland, was supposed to fly to cairo tonight for tomorrow's big protest, but
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she cancelled her flight late this afternoon, because she says she couldn't stand the thought of being up in the air, and not knowing if president mubarak had stepped aside. for 16 days now, she and her sister have been keeping an eye on their facebook pages for messages from friends who were protesting and an ear to their smart phones, checking on their grandparents in cairo. today they were glued to their tv sets, watching what's happening in their homeland. hanna says her life has been on hold ever since the protests started. >> like, if you live there and don't see how bad it is, how hard it is for people to survive on a daily basis, then you're just not -- you're just not aware at all. >> reporter: hanna is helping to organize a protest in front of the white house this weekend. the egyptian association for change is planning to camp out on saturday night. i should mention, i have been talking with an american living in cairo. he just sent me a message that says he is officially scared, and believes it could be a very violent evening. wendy, back to you. >> all right, melissa melee,
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thank you. tonight, family friends and students are remembering a popular high school student killed in a car crash. police say speed and ice may have been a factor. this accident happened last night off oliver's shop road in laplata. that is a dangerous stretch of road. another fatal wreck killed three teenagers in 2007. derrick ward is live in charles county at the sheriff's office there with the latest on this one. derrick? >> reporter: well, you know, it was a dark, winding road, snow had begun to fall, traction was compromised. authorities believe that those are some of the factors that came to play in a deadly equation here in la plata in an accident that claimed the life of a teenager. police say the accident happened about 10:42 last night. the honda driven by kathryn kristin murray was headed north on oliver shop road. >> actually just a couple miles from my house, as a matter of fact. i was up at the time, and i know it was snowing. >> reporter: police say murray died at the scene. the car lost control on a curve and went airborne before
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striking a tree. >> apparently speed was a contributing factor to the accident. >> reporter: oliver shop road had become in some ways a notorious stretch. it's winding and hilly in spots with little or no shoulders. in november of 2007, four teens died in a head-on crash, not far from the scene of wednesday night's crash. those teens were students at la plata high school, as was katie murray. >> hearing her name, it brings a smile to your face. she was a positive person, a person in the classroom that was the energy. >> reporter: a letter went home informing parents of the loss being felt by, again, students and staff here at la plata high. >> a lot of sad students. towards the end of the day, some students were starting to smile a little bit, because they were starting to share more stories about katie. and it's -- students leaving were a lot better in the middle of the day than at the beginning. >> reporter: there had been a stretch here in la plata where
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nine teens had died over the course of the 2007-2008 school year. authorities launched a massive campaign to bring that number down, and they believe it worked despite last night's tragedy. we'll have more coming up on news4 at 6:00. live in la plata, back to you. >> thank you, derrick. we are learning more tonight about an alleged plot to bomb a military recruiting station near baltimore. 21-year-old antonio martinez was arrested back in december in an fbi sting. investigators say he tried to target a military recruiting station in katansville. because he was a recent convert to islam and saw the military as a threat. according to recently filed court documents, martinez considered burning down the building, shooting people, and using propane tanks in the attack. he was arrested after he tried to detonate a phony bomb given to him by an undercover fbi agent. well, the fallout continues on capitol hill after a congressman's sudden resignation. new york congressman christopher
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lee stepped down yesterday after bare-chested pictures of him flexing appearses on the internet. he supposedly sent the photo a woman he met on craigslist, a woman he told he was divorced. but the two-term congressman is, in fact, married and has a young son. chris gordon is on capitol hill with this woman who some say is at the center of this. chris? >> reporter: well, the woman wants to remain anonymous, but she has friends who are bloggers and prevailed upon her to publish that photo and talk about it. one of her friends is a reporter who you'll hear from in just a few minutes. that reporter spoke to the woman last night, just hours after the congressman resigned. >> and i went back -- >> reporter: he is called the craigslist congressman by the gossip site gawker, who said, sent this bare chested picture. the woman, a government employee who lives in maryland, wants to remain anonymous, but has now
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gone public. in an exclusive interview with a blog called "the loop 21." she spoke to reporter danielle beltan, saying her correspondence began as a joke, requesting dates to see who would answer. >> he made up an age, said he was a lobbyist. but still said his name is chris lee, and sent a picture of himself. i mean, there are people, you know in d.c., they all think they're going to have to be on a senate hearing someday. they all think i'm going someday work for the president. i'm going to be ambassador, like, i can't get caught out there. so the fact that, you know, this guy was using his real name, while kind of goofing around on craigslist was amazing to her, and the fact that he was a congressman on top of that, it blew her mind. it made her nervous, she thought it was funny, but she really couldn't believe it initially. >> reporter: now, the woman says she was shocked when she learned that congressman lee resigned. she said, "sure, the photo was
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embarrassing, but nothing to quit your job over," she thought, "given all of the other sex scandals that have rocked capitol hill, washington and new york." that's the latest from capitol hill. back to you in the studio. >> okay. i think it was the picture in the mirror that did him in. thank you, chris. all right. so what do you think about congressman lee's craigslist scandal? here's some of your responses from facebook. robert winsted wrote, quote, what an idiot! at least he's not hanging on for dear life like the other criminals. what are they drinking on capitol hill? another writes in, disappointing. thoughts and prayers are with his family. >> that was nice. another wrote, quote, i'm unclear as to why it's so hard to act decent when you're a member of the house of representatives, being paid to represent the american public. why can't these guys straighten up? they're worse than the nfl. all right. well, that was fun. all right. >> yeah, in the nfl, they have shown a little bit more in
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recent months, as we have seen. >> interesting story. so now to the weather and the snow. another interesting story. >> yeah, we have some light snow overnight, up to an inch fell in some neighborhoods, especially to our south. it was enough to even shovel. >> oh, although most areas just got a dusting. so what's next? >> chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking the bone-chilling temperatures for at least one more night, right, doug? >> at least one more night, and then we'll see a warm-up. but tonight is going to be a very cold night after a little bit in the way of light snow earlier this morning. now we're looking at clear skies out there. those clear skies are going to allow temperatures to plunge this evening. 32 degrees right now. wind chill at 25 with the winds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. look at the current temperatures, 27 in hagerstown. 32 in sterling. 34 manassas. the sun going down, even as we speak. it will be down within the next 20 minutes to half hour. and as it goes down, the temperatures will go down, as well. look at the skies. any time you have skies that clear, it makes for a pretty day, but also makes for a frigid
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night, especially when you have colder air moving in. which we do. cold by tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. down to 20. 19 around 7:00 a.m. sunrise tomorrow morning around 7:04. temperatures will rebound a little bit during the day tomorrow. but many of you will be waking up to temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees. a cold morning, for sure. but a huge warm-up. wait until you see the forecast. i've got it for you coming up. >> we can't wait for that. thanks, doug. members of d.c.'s public service commission, with the latest officials grilling pepco. in addition to last month's outages, there were questions about what pepco has done to improve since the series of outages that left so many in the dark last summer. >> what have you done? specifically? since that time? >> i must say, i've just seen a marked decline in the last few years compared to what i had
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come to expect from the company. >> pepco says it has addressed the specific issues around last summer's outages. and that last month's storms presented different challenges. pepco also reiterated its need to improve the way it communicates with customers during widespread outages. stay right there. a metro board member admits to, quote, stupid decisions that led to some big problems with their escalators. >> so what went wrong? a home under construction in the district. why police say this was no random crime. plus, how high-tech thieves can steal your personal information with just a simple wave of the hand. those fluffy crib bumpers may be adorable, but there is sometimes a deadly risk they can pose. you're watching news4 at 5:00. we are just getting started.
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those crib bumper pads make a baby's nursery look pretty, but experts warned about the potential sufficient occasion risks. now there is an investigation into reported deaths and injuries related to the bumper pads.
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erika edwards has the latest. >> nothing in the crib, just the baby. >> reporter: tarrel higgins is passionate about crib safety, educating anyone who will listen about safe sleep positions and other ways to reduce the risk for sudden infant death syndrome. her grandson michael died of sids when he was 3 months old. >> such an unbelievable loss. >> reporter: since his loss 17 years ago, she has been active in sids prevention efforts. ask says bumper pads are suffocating hazards. even safety experts agree and say newborns don't have the motor strength to move their heads away from obstruction. >> if their face gets wedged between a crib bumper and mattress, there is potential they could die. >> reporter: now the u.s. safety commission is taking a closer look at the potential risks of bumpers. >> in the past, the position has been to avoid pillowy bumpers.
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>> reporter: the report on bumpers revealed ten cases where police and coroner's reports showed babies were found suffocated in a corner against the bumper pad or with their face obstructed by a bumper bad. but it's difficult to pin the deaths on bumpers, because the babies were also found face-down on their stomachs, a known significant risk factor for sids. >> that's what makes this is a complex issue, is the fact that additional factors were also included, such asñi bedding, pillows. >> reporter: the commission has relaunched an investigation into those deaths, to see whether bumpers currently on the market deserve stronger warnings. well, national chain, babies r us sells bumper pads, a statement from the company says it's required its manufacturers to move from pillowy bumpers to firmer ones. meanwhile, she is adimant the cutest and only thing in the crib should be the baby. erika edwards, nbc news. the consumer product safety commission will also review the safety of bass nets and other
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safety products in coming months. washington's largest needle exchange program plans to close doors because of a lack of funding. there are fears it could impact the rate of hiv and aids infections in our region, the highest in the nation. prevention works. that's the name of the group. they are in northeast. they give clean needles to drug addicts to curb the spread of aids. it's been in operation for 12 years and provides a third of the free needles in d.c. the agency says with city and federal funds drying up, it's decided to shut its doors on the 25th of this month. clients will be referred to other agencies. another cold and windy day today. but we can see some relief. >> the end is in sight. >> do you want to see that? >> yeah. >> are you excited about that. >> yeah. >> and i think a lot of people are. a lot of people said -- hey, how big of a warm-up is this really going to be? i think it's going to be an extended period of warmer weather, maybe a week to two weeks in -- might be done with the coldest --
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>> maybe for turning a corner. >> i hope. so i think we're definitely turning a corner the next week or two. that's the good news. some areas could be near 50s, maybe near 60s. there you go. how about that? and any of those ducks out there on the lake or in the title basin, they're going to be happy about that. 32 degrees right now, definitely on the freezing side as temperatures are still well below average. wind chill right now sitting at 25 degrees around clear skies. temperatures below freezing. 30 in frederick, 30 in baltimore. 30 in annapolis. gaitherburg, 29. a cold day across the region. sterling, wind chill of 26. 27 in manassas. fredricksburg right now at 35 degrees with the wind chill. so it's a code evening. and as we clear out from this system that came through overnight last night, it's really going to get cold. here's the system that we did see, anywhere between a dusting, as we mentioned, to up to an inch of snow down to our south and east. so snowfall totals were pretty
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good. it ended earlier than predicted, but it didn't amount to a whole lot as far as the snow was concerned. the cold is definitely in place. it's going to be a very colt night and cold start to tomorrow as high pressure starts to move on. the area of high pressure will sink south saturday. here comes the cold front. it will pass to the north, not going to bring us all that much of in the way of colder air, but will bring windy conditions during the day on saturday. so even though temperatures are in the mid 40s, we still have wind chills in the upper 30s. this evening, clear skies, breezy and cool, 26 to 30 degrees. sunset tonight at 5:40. a nice sunset, by the way. clear skies for tomorrow morning, a cold start. sunrise at 7:04. 12 in the colder suburbs to about 19 at the airport. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour, and it's that southwest wind that will help to warm us up doctoring the day tomorrow, as well. tomorrow, mostly sunny, continued chilly, but not too bad. 38 to 42 degrees. temperatures at or around the 40 degree mark with sunshine and
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lighter winds. not a bad day, especially on a friday. a high of 41 tomorrow. 45 on saturday with that wind. it will still feel on the chilly side. but here we go on sunday and monday. sunday looking very nice, a high near 54. just worried about the cloud cover, most likely to the north. more sunshine, i think to the south. but sunday is looking like a nice day. monday looking good. 52, rather breezy. tuesday, i'm still going 50. we may be back into the 40s on tuesday. but -- >> wow. >> wednesday and thursday, this looks like a very warm period, both days. wednesday and thursday. and maybe even lasting into next weekend, as well. so we'll keep our fingers crossed. and hope that we get that. because we deserve it. >> nice run. we sure do. thank you, doug. next and new at 5:00 tonight, better safe than sorry. why some local districts decided to delay or cancel classes all together today after just a dusting of snow. protesters demand change as metro's board meets to discuss those problemed escalators. what's being done to repair this troubled system. and it costs hundreds of
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thousands of dollars, and only lasted a few seconds. the super bowl stunt that has some people up in arms.
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residents in kansas are digging out after a winter storm hit the state that dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas. >> that's right. crews worked around the clock to
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clear roadways, drivers braved poor roads as they tried to maintain their daily routine. >> there was so much snow, the piles towered over the cars and trucks. >> better than us back home. some of us got a dusting. others saw up to an inch of snow. >> some local districts actually thought it was enough to delay or candle cancel school. >> tracy wilkens is in prince george's county. >> reporter: there was a two-hour delay. kids didn't have to get on the bus until later this morning. but plenty of folks were wondering why, since most of the county just got a dusting. it's like this morning's weather system left a little something special for southern prince george's county. but ended up impacting the school day for the entire county. >> there are lots of patchy places that are black ice. but the main roads basically are pretty clear. >> what do you think about
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prince george's county delaying school for two hours? >> i think it's wonderful. i think it's for the kids' benefit, the drivers of the school buses. >> reporter: 301 and other major roads in prince gorges county were treated and in pretty good shape. there was enough snow to shovel on side streets and in the neighborhoods with about a half inch of snow that fell on the ground. but it was the ice and slippery conditions that caused the two-hour delay. >> whatever is safest for the children and for the bus drivers, i think is the most prudent thing to do. it is very slick out here. and we want to make sure that our kids get to school safely. >> reporter: now we're here in southern prince george's county. the reason for delaying school, as you can see, this is about the time the kids head off to school, and i'm still finding ice. that's why officials wanted to go ahead and delay for two hours. we spoke with some parents who say, it's not that much of a problem. >> i don't think it's needed today. it's not icy enough. i mean, if they drive slow, they'll make it there carefully.
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>> the icy weather they got in prince george's county also visited prince william county, specifically the southern part of the county. and officials there decided to close school the entire day. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. metro, metro, metro. >> under fire tonight. up next, what the transit agency is saying about their aging equipment. and scary moments on the job. armed robbers target construction workers. the numbers are in. the hispanic population is booming in other region. >> if you build it, they will come. but will taxpayers have to foot the bill for a new metro station in virginia? we're getting answers when
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a fast forward through the headlines. controversy continues over the sudden resignation of a republican new york congressman, christopher lee. lee stepped down after the website gawker reported he e-mailed a shoirtless picture o himself to a woman he met through craigslist. there he is, the two-term congressman. he is married with a young son. no resignation for hosni mubarak, who did go on national television this afternoon to announce he is not stepping down, but instead transferring his authority to the vice president. mubarak said he would not be leaving his country, but continue with the transition of
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power into september. the vice president then told the hundreds of thousands of protesters in at that tahrir square to go back to work. not likely. a la plata high school student was killed in a horrible car crash last night. 16-year-old kathryn murray died after her car struck a tree off oliver shop road in la plata. police say ice and speed may have been a factor. nine others have died in accidents on that same stretch of road since 2007. of. now let's fast forward through our weather. doug? >> it's going to be a cold night tonight. look at the temperatures out there right now. credib currently 32 to in washington. 20 in pittsburgh. 18 in columbus, ohio. and colder air is making its way here. it's going to get cold overnight tonight. i'll let you know what you'll wake up to and what to expect over the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. these guys were targeted on the job. >> now police are looking for
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the suspects who shot and wounded a construction worker this afternoon. >> this happened in the 300 block of b street in northeast d.c. police say the suspects busted into a house under renovation. >> pat collins is on the scene with the latest. pat? >> reporter: jim, it's an unusual home vasion, because the home involved is that yellow one there. it's under construction. and the targets, construction workers. the victim here, a lucky man. shot in the head. but they say it's a graze wound. they say he'll be all right. the scene, this home, the 300 block of d street northeast, under renovation. two men, all dressed in black, carrying black guns, go inside the house, looking for money. there's a fight. gunshots, and a get-away.
5:32 pm
here now, from commander lamar green. >> it was pretty brazen. broad daylight, to walk into a location where there's so many workers working. and to try to perpetrate a crime like that. >> reporter: anything taken? >> at this time, we're still investigating that. so we don't want to put too much out right now. >> reporter: police flood the block. a tracking dog deployed to try and determine the path the robbers used to run away. pictures taken. evidence collected. but so far, no suspects, no arrests. want to hear some strong words of anger? some strong words of concern? hear what neighbors are saying about what happened here today. i'll be back at 6:00 with more. jim, back to you. >> see you then. pat collins live in northeast washington. thank you, pat. police have filed more
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charges against that wood bridge doctor, accused of inappropriately touching his patients. >> mohammed hussein faces two counts of assault and battery. he turned himself into police yesterday. >> police say he inappropriately touched three female patients under his care. investigators now believe he sexually assaulted a stafford woman. >> hussein is due back in court in april. an influential metro board member today said stupid decisions led to major problems with metro escalators. a new report reveals that escalators break down every seven to eight days on average. tom sherwood is live in the newsroom with more on the troubled transit system. tom? >> jim, broken or worn-out escalators are a big problem. everyone knows that. it's going to take time and money to fix them. metro says it knows too many of its escalators are breaking down, taking too long to fix.
5:34 pm
board member tom downs from the district was blunt in his assessment thursday of the root problem. stupid decisions. >> i think it's important for the authority to acknowledge how we got here. we did a lot of stupid things. >> reporter: metro made some stupid decisions? >> yes. about buying the wrong kind of escalators from the wrong kind of vendors. >> reporter: downs, a transportation expert and former d.c. city administrator, says the metro system needs to be blunt with riders. escalators will take time and money to fix. >> we bought some junk escalators. we have eight separate vendors, some who have provided as few as six sets of escalators for the system. they're out of business. >> reporter: the board members thursday were discussing the report from richard saros that outlines the problem and the cost and time involved. >> i understand what resources we have to apply to improve this is part of his end results of his analysis. >> outside the metro meeting,
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private contractors demonstrated, saying they could help fix the escalators, but metro won't hire them anymore. coming up at 6:00, board members debate the bag searches by police. jim, back to you. >> all right. tom sherwood. thank you, tom. there is a new push to repeal the death penalty in maryland. a drug shortage is causing lawmakers to consider withdrawing capital punishment regulations. the lethal drug's sole manufacturer stopped distributing it. the state's highest court ruled new regulations are needed. the last execution in maryland was in 2005, and there are currently five inmates on death row. more news out of maryland tonight. the census bureau is reporting parts of the state had the biggest population boost over a decade. >> and the bureau says it's due to the growing number of hispanic residents. the minority makes up 8% of
5:36 pm
state's population. the number of hispanics grew from a quarter million to nearly half a million. >> maryland's general population grew by about 477,000 people in that time. hispanics were more than half that number. and today, prince george's county new executive spoke to me about the numbers. >> i think it bodes well for prince george's county. the other implication in terms of diversity. one of the things we have always said or i said about prince george's county, we're one of the most diverse counties in the country, and that's going to help us not only attract folks, you know, people to the county, but also to attract businesses. >> and you can see the rest of that interview on viewpoint this sunday morning. >> baker said the increase is positive because it will likely help boost representation in both federal and local governments. coming up next, one move. that's all it takes for criminals to steal your credit card information. love it or not.
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valentine's day is just a few days away now. so how much do you plan to spend on your sweetheart this year? we've got the numbers coming up. and find out what experts say it means for the state of our economy.
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you saw it. a few moments in the air during the super bowl may have cost you a few $100,000.
5:40 pm
four f-18 fighter jets did the flyover at cowboy stadium during the national anthem. it lasted just a few seconds. the stadium roof was closed, so fans inside saw it only on high-def televisions. a dallas reporter estimates the cost to taxpayers, $450,000. the navy says the fly-over cost just $109,000. and was budgeted as a training mission. valentine's day is monday. americans are expected to be spending more on they're loved one this year. spending is expected to be up 11% from last year. experts say it's a sign consumers have more confidence. so they're going to splurge on things like jewelry, candy, flowers. >> men will outspend women this valentine's day by more than half. so it looks like women are getting pampered, and men, well, they might have to settle for a tie. >> according to the national retail federation, the average person is expected to spend just over $116 for their valentine
5:41 pm
this year. >> coming up, stolen credit cards, passports and personal information. how new technology is helping tech-savvy criminals steal from right under your nose. in sports, an inspirational story. tonight at 6:00, a top threat to national security was revealed oppoan capitol hill to. hosni mubarak transferred power to his vice president. will that be enough to satisfy all these protesters? we'll get a full report from cairo. >> and janet jackson sits down for a revealing interview about the loss of her brother michael and the last words they shared. those stories and more coming up on new
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let's fast forward through the headlines. d.c. police are looking for two suspects accused of shooting a construction worker on v street northeast this afternoon. police think the suspects targeted a house under renovation in an armed robbery attempt and the injured worker is expected to survive. a new report out says metro's escalators are breaking down with greater frequency. on average, they're breaking down every seven or eight days, and they're taking longer to fix. metro acknowledged the problems today. metro's board also says the transit agency needs to do a better job of keeping the public informed about outages. and the consumer product safety commission relaunched an investigation into the safety of bumper pads for cribs. they're looking into whether those pads sold with babies bedding could be a sufficient occasion hazard.
5:45 pm
a 2010 report cites ten cases where babies were found suffocated against the bumper pads. it's hard to say for sure if the deaths were caused by the pads. new technology is making it easier, faster and more convenient for us to make purchases without having to swipe or sign. >> but it's also making it easier for thieves to steal your personal information without ever touching your wallet. natalie poser reports. >> reporter: it's how we get into a secure building. and how we pay at checkout. it's called radio frequency identification technology, or rfid. it's a chip like this one, which communicates, using radio waves in credit and debit cards with this logo on it. making it faster and easier to make purchases, but also making it easier for thieves to steal your information. >> as a criminal, what you can do is, you can walk by someone, if you have an rfid reader, and
5:46 pm
you can scan the data that's in there. >> reporter: part of the miami electronic crime task force with the secret service. he says it takes two pieces of technology for thieves to steal your information. a card scanner, which you can find online for as little as $20, and a hacking software that breaks the encryption on the credit cards. that software also available online. >> i mean, it's just too easy. everything is too easy. >> it would be frightening. it makes me feel like there's definitely room for improvement. >> so, yes, some experts say that with the right software, you can get personal information off my credit card. but we discovered something even more alarming. it has to do with this. >> and this software can be downloaded for free from anywhere. >> reporter: u.s. passports issued after 2006 also have an rfid chip embedded inside the back cover. fiu engineering professor kalin says if your passport falls into
5:47 pm
the wrong hands, it can be passed around the world in minutes. >> i'm going to put your passport over here. it's reading. and within a few seconds, you fast forward with your passport number, your nationality, your date of birth. and every single thing appears right on that screen. >> that is scary. >> all these terrorists. do you think they travel with their real identity over there? no. >> reporter: while some experts say there have not been any cases involving rfid technology, others say that's because it's untraceable. >> how would you know? its nameless, faceless. so the best thing we can do is just to know about it. >> that was natalie poso reporting. one suggested way to protect yourself, they say, using passport and credit card sleeves, which claim to protect your personal information from being hacked. and in sports tonight, we have a -- dan has a really sad, but inspirational story. >> o very much so. this is -- this is one of those
5:48 pm
stories where you definitely shed a tear when you watch this, because this guy is doing really good work. ty lewis, soccer coach, won back-to-back virginia state cup championships. he has been coaching his boys since they were 8 or 9 years old. the rest innate active isn't just coaching, he's coaching with cancer. diagnosed more than three years ago. doctors gave lewis just months to live. but the 44-year-old wasn't about to give up. hakem dermish has his story. ♪ >> there we go. very nice. good work. that's good teamwork. that's the way to share the ball. keep sharing it, and you'll be successful. >> reporter: would you say that soccer is helping keep you alive? >> yeah. i would have too much time on my hands. now that i just went on long-term disability. so it gives me something to -- to work on, you know, just like
5:49 pm
a retired old person. a project, something to keep my mind going. focused on. you know, but i started something that i just can't walk away from. >> reporter: ty lewis is turning pain into purpose. in 2007, lewis was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. the news from doctors was clear. he didn't have long. but the prognosis served as a challenge. after battling chemotherapy and several operations, lewis remains dedicated to his team. >> you juston't quit, you know? i don't quit. i could easily wake up and just say i just can't coach anymore. i'm done. but i don't. you know? i thoroughly enjoy and -- they're the ones that get me out there. we've been fighting for him a lot, trying to win every game, because he might not be there to coach us next game, so we try to go out there with the strong attitude and right attitude and play for him, but not only for him, for ourselves. >> reporter: that's chris lewis,
5:50 pm
ty's 15-year-old son. >> he tells me that to never give up. and i see that he never gives up fighting cancer, so i don't give up in soccer, i don't give up in real life. it helps me through school to know that if i make a mistake, i shouldn't give up and just keep going at it until -- i won't be perfect, but at least it will make me a better person. >> reporter: not giving up runs in the family. ty's mother, cindy, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. she beat her disease one year later. watching ty fight cancer is an inspiration. >> i've seen him coach games when he could barely walk. and no one else would go out there and do it. but it means so much to him to complete what he has started. and started with the boys. and he does love them so much. he doesn't want to give up on them. >> reporter: as a coach, ty's goal is to help his players earn college discriminates. his personal goals, be there for
5:51 pm
the special moments. >> to be able to live long enough, to watch chris go off to college, to be able to spend time with my wife, just being with her like it used to be when first met. second is seeing my daughter get married. and getting chris off to college. >> everything that he wants to accomplish has kept him alive to this point. i mean, i know that he loves me and his family so much, but soccer has really just kept him driven. it's a different kind of passion. a passion that strives to keep you going. >> you wake up like it's the last day of your life. you just live each day like it's the last day of your life, playing each game like it's the last time you're ever going to play. >> reporter: ty lewis is coaching with cancer, making an impact with a message that will live forever. hakem dermish. with help from his sister,
5:52 pm
stacy, ty as created a cancer foundation. money for events like the ty lewis midnight madness soccer tournament go to other families affected by cancer. he also hopes to write a book about his life. he already has a title, too. it's called "the longest season." >> is there a place people want to be a part of that foundation or give any money? do we have that on our website? >> if we don't, we will get that up on the website. >> let's do that, yeah. good for him. >> what an inspiring story for all people playing sports. >> and he does have a website. >> that's easy to remember. >> good for him. we wish him the best. that's tough. and he is quite an inspirationer. >> a battler. >> a warrior. absolutely. we want to move on to doug and get the latest on our change in weather. we have another cold one on tap. >> a very cold night tonight. the good news is, the winds are really not going to be too much of a factor. but we're able to get colder. wind chill sitting at 25 degrees with the current temperature at the airport of 32 degrees.
5:53 pm
around the region. right now, 27 in haegerstown. 27 in frederick, maryland. gaitherburg looking at 30 degrees. 30 in baltimore. annapolis, 30. and quantico at 34. the storm system that brought us a little snow has now moved out of here and we saw plenty of sunshine today. now we're seeing clearing skies, and that clear sky will allow temperatures to plummet overnight tonight. down to about 19 in the city, maybe around the 12, 13-degree mark in some of the colder locations. tomorrow warming back up to a high of 41. i think it will be a nice afternoon tomorrow. saturday on the windy side, a high of 45. the good weather, really nice weather comes on sunday with a high of 54. 52 and breezy on your monday and it looks like we could hit the 60s for the first time this winter coming up on thursday. let's hope. >> yeah. can't get here soon enough, doug. thanks. still ahead, metro wants to build a new station an empty plot of land. so who is going to pay for this?
5:54 pm
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right now, people in alexandria are getting the chance to talk about a proposed metro station at potomac yards. >> tonights meeting are focused on the environmental impact. >> but as john schriffen found
5:57 pm
out, residents have other concerns, too. >> reporter: along jefferson davis highway in alexandria, construction is already under way for luxury townhomes on potomac yard. this massive, empty space is part of 7.4 million square feet of planned development for residential and commercial space to revitalize the area. >> this is an economic incentive to the city in terms of generating new tax revenue base, but more importantly, the success of the potomac yards in terms of this new development is dependent upon having a new metro station stop. >> reporter: the planned metro stop would be on the blue and yellow lines between alexandria and crystal city. something residents say is needed in the area. >> most travel would have to be done by car, so it would be great to have a metro. i think the neighborhood really needs it, and hopefully it will boost property prices as well in this market. >> reporter: the city says the potomac yard metro station would cost $240 million to complete
5:58 pm
here at the vacant space next to target. a portion of funds would come from a special tax district made up of homes near the project. but some residents don't think it's fair only some residents should have positive to pay. >> i'm pretty upset, because we moved in last june, and we didn't know only certain people would have to pay and other people at the beginning community don't have to pay for it. so it feels a bit unfair to us, to be honest. >> hopefully, the issue that is folks will be concerned about is quality of life, the impact in terms of noise. the existing parks, open space, road -- transportation, road surfaces, impacts and the like. >> reporter: in alexandria, john schriffen, news4. the first meeting has just ended, the second starts in 30 minutes. >> if approved, the station cease it will be finished in 2016. >> we are finished for news4 at 5:00. >> news4 at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
a cheerleader who was an honor roll student has been killed in a terrible car accident. >> another member of the u.s. senate has announced he will not seek re-election in 2012. egyptian president hosni mubarak announced he will transfer powers to his vice president. >> despite that announcement of a transfer of power, the protesters in the streets are still unsatisfied. they want hosni mubarak to leave the country. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm dorene gentzler. here are the latest developments from egypt. president hosni mubarak addressed his nation tonight. he announced he will keep the title of president and intends to control the reform process. there is continued frustration and anger in egypt after that announcement want. richard engel reports from cairo. >> reporter: the most important fact was tha h


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